Market Development

Market development and education is essential for the industry to fully embrace the vast opportunities enabled with additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing can benefit companies in across many different industries. However, to leverage the full potential additive manufacturing, it is crucial to understand the process, limitations and possibilities available.

Additech offers advisory services, as well as tailored courses to suit the customer’s need, including introductory courses and more advanced courses.

In our courses we give insight about additive manufacturing to help our customers understand how it is applicable and relevant for them.

We want to answer the questions many customers ask us, such as

  • What is additive manufacturing

  • What are relevant applications of additive manufacturing

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of additive manufacturing

  • How can additive manufacturing reduce our costs and environmental footprint?

  • How can we use additive manufacturing to reduce lead time for crucial components?

  • Which products are best suited for additive manufacturing?

  • How to think additively in the design phase